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studio | the UNKNOWN

The building was built between 1909 and 1920 and lived as a Catholic church for many decades. At some point the steeple blew off in a storm and landed on the rectory next door. In the early 1970s the building was bought by the Croatian Club of Anacortes. They occupy the banquet hall in the basement, while the upstairs main church room has been rented out to a series of tenants over the years; dance studios, pre-school, sail makers, and more. In 2010 we moved in upstairs, naming the space “the Unknown” and establishing this recording studio.

It’s an amazing place to record music. It sounds huge because it is huge. Our great collection of equipment and instruments plus the skills and familiarity with the space have made consistently great albums for people from all over the world who have traveled here to record.

The control room is in what used to be the choir loft, now walled-in with a window and treated for great sound. There are a few auxiliary rooms available for different acoustic qualities, including the former confessionals. Spooky. Entering the “crying room” and the bell tower (bell missing) is not recommended.

There are 2 producer/engineers here: Nicholas Wilbur and Phil Elverum. Nich is definitely more active and he is the one to get in touch with to get more information and schedule your project. He can do whatever: tracking, mixing, mastering. E-mail Nich for details.
(Phil is not taking any recording projects for now.)

Here are some photos, followed by a gear list:
(The photos will expand when clicked.)

Quad Eight Pacifica 36 Channel Console
Electrodyne ACC1204 20 Channel Console
Studer A80 MKIV 2” 24 Track recorder
Ampex 440B 1/4” 2 track
Lynx Aurora n 32
Mac, UAD-2 DSP Accelerator, Pro Tools 12, Logic X
Focal SM9
Yamaha NS – 20
JBL 4311B

Mic Pres and EQ:
Quad Eight Pacifica x 36
Electrodyne 711L x4, 709L x15, 712L x1
Ward Beck m460m x 24
Altec 1566a
Electrodyne LA602
API 3124
API 560 ×4
Altec 1566a x2
Avedis MA5 x2
Shure SR107 EQ x2
SKL Variable Electronic Filter

Retro Sta Level x2
ADR Compex
API 2500
DBX 160 VU
Hairball 1176 Blue
RND 535 × 2
Electrodyne CA702 x4
SPL Transient Designer 2

Reverb / Effects:
EMT 140 Stereo Plate Reverb
Lexicon 224
Lexicon PCM 60
Lexicon Model 91 delay unit
Roland RE-301
Watkins Copicat
Echoplex EP-3

Neumann U48 (M7 capsule and K47 capsule)
Neumann U77
Gefell MV692 UM70 Capsule x2
Wunder CM7 with M7 capsule x 2
Wunder CM7 FET
Altec 175a with 28b and 29b capsules
Sennheiser 421 ×6
Coles 4038 ×2
Beyer M160 x2
Cascade Fatheads x2
Royer 121
Wunder Audio CM7 FET
AKG 451 ×2
Beyer M88 x3
Sennheiser 441 ×2
Shure SM7b
Electrovoice RE20
Electrovoice RE16
Electrovoice DS35
Heil PR30
Josephson e22s x 2

Some Instruments Available:
Fender Rhodes Scholastic Version
Yamaha G2 Grand Piano
Upright Conover Piano
Farfisa Professional
Farfisa Compact Deluxe
Ace Tone Phenix
Vox Continental
Hammond A-100 with Leslie 122
Hammond Model A with Leslie 122 with reverb
Wurlitzer 200A
Fender Musicmaster Bass Guitar
Musser Vibraphone
Chamberlin Rhythmate
Wurlitzer Sideman
Rogers Holiday Mardi Gras Drum Kit
Ludwig Vistalite Drum Kit
Ludwig Supraphonic Snare
22” Timpani Drum
Ampeg B25B Bass Amp
1969 Fender Bandmaster
1968 Fender Princeton Reverb

More is probably available. E-mail Nich for an updated list.